Minerva Humanities Center
Tel Aviv University

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Rivka Feldhay Professor of History of Science and Ideas

Academic Director

Adi Ophir

Academic Director

Raef Zreik

Executive Director

Yulie Litov


The Minerva Humanities Center promotes innovative interdisciplinary research in the humanities. The Center holds forums for reflection and intellectual debate that bring together researchers from a variety of national, cultural, and disciplinary backgrounds. It strives to establish a learning community of research students, postdoctoral and senior researchers; initiates collaborations with leading academic institutions and researchers worldwide; and works to bring research produced in Israel to a wide international audience. The Center supports research projects dealing with historical or current reciprocal ties between knowledge, culture, and politics, and with the development of innovative teaching and writing methods that translate the theoretical interest in such issues into tangible academic work. The Center's researchers are attuned to the challenges peculiar to the present moment in time and to the current conditions for the production and organization of knowledge in the humanities. The Center strives to broaden the target audience of the humanities and amplify their public influence while at the same time carrying on the tradition of critical thought that has always been associated with them. The Center began its operations in 2009 thanks to a grant from the German Minerva Foundation.