Louise W. and Edmund J. Kahn Liberal Arts Institute
Smith College

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Suzanne Gottschang Professor of Anthropology

Administrative Coordinator

Christine Reynolds

Communications/Publicity and Project Manager

Lauren Anderson


The Louise W. and Edmund J. Kahn Liberal Arts Institute was founded in 1998 to bring together faculty, students, visiting scholars, artists, writers, and performers to work on scholarly projects of broad scope. The projects enrich both faculty scholarship and the intellectual life of the College. The Kahn Institute encourages collaboration across departments, programs and academic divisions.

In addition, public events sponsored by each Kahn project bring scholarly lectures, symposia, performances, and exhibitions to the wider Smith and Northampton communities. The Institute gives College faculty the opportunity to expand the boundaries of their work, to explore new methodologies, and to engage in open-ended dialogue with colleagues and scholars both within and outside their own disciplinary fields.

CHCI/ACLS Partnership The Kahn Institute is a participant in the CHCI/ACLS Partnership, which connects CHCI member organizations with recipients of the ACLS Recent Doctoral Recipients fellowship program. Visit http://chcinetwork.org/programs-and-projects/special-projects/chci-acls-partnership for information on this program.