Levan Institute for the Humanities
University of Southern California

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Daniela Bleichmar

Assistant Director, Levan Institute; Administrative Assistant, Society of Fellows

Isabella Carr


The Levan Institute for the Humanities serves as a hub for the humanities and humanistic social sciences at the University of Southern California, connecting faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students across disciplines, departments, programs, centers, and institutes. It complements and coordinates other efforts across the humanities broadly conceived, and develops new initiatives that support research and teaching . The institute’s activities include scholarly meetings, public events, visiting scholars, and research projects. The Levan Institute for the Humanities has four priorities: 1. Promoting research excellence by supporting humanistic scholarship that is rigorous, creative, bold, and innovative. 2. Fostering connections and collaboration across and beyond the humanities at USC, as well as with partners in other institutions and organizations locally, nationally, and internationally. 3. Pursuing a global focus through research and scholarly collaborations that examine diverse topics from cultures around the world. 4. Supporting public facing scholarship that connects university-based humanities expertise with publics beyond the university and engages with contemporary issues.