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Hee-Jung Serenity Joo Associate Professor of English


The University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities (UMIH) is a research centre in the Faculty of Arts established in 1990. Its mission was determined by Senate "to encourage and foster research and scholarship in the Humanities at the University of Manitoba, to promote cross-disciplinary research in the Humanities, to help obtain external funding for Humanities research, and to communicate, within the University of Manitoba and the general community, the nature and value of Humanities scholarship. The Institute addresses the needs of researchers in a broad range of subjects including literature and languages, philosophy, history, and religion, and also the literary, philosophical, theological, and historical aspects of the social and physical sciences, mathematics, the arts, and professional studies.

Research Affiliates The University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities has openings for two Research Affiliates during the academic year. Applications are welcome from postdoctoral fellows, independent scholars, doctoral candidates and individuals in full-time university appointments who wish to spend all or part of a sabbatical leave in Manitoba. Applicants must have a clearly defined project in some field of humanities scholarship.Interdisciplinary projects are particularly welcome. Affiliateships are non-stipendiary. For complete program information visit: