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Balázs Trencsényi
Agnes Bendik


Promoting the free and independent pursuit of scholarly research in the context of an interdisciplinary intellectual community is the main mission of Institute for Advanced Study CEU (IAS CEU).

Located in Budapest, the vibrant cultural and academic hub of Central and Eastern Europe, IAS CEU brings together scholars from all over the world who work in the fields of the social sciences, humanities and the law. High level scholarly work is achieved through a combination of sustained individually undertaken research and ongoing collaborations and conversations with other scholars. IAS CEU is committed to providing the fellows with the time, space and opportunity to do both and to choose their balance and form.

The Institute is affiliated with the Central European University and thus scholars have access to the intellectual and technological resources of the university, as well as its faculty, research groups and graduate students. At the same time, IAS CEU is intellectually and structurally independent of the CEU.

The Institute is housed on the third floor of the so-called Marczibányi Palace, built in 1830-33 by architect József Hild.

Scholars are selected through a rigorous selection process, which involves soliciting multiple evaluations from experts in each field. Once in residence, fellows set their own research agenda and pursue their work according to their individual schedules and pace. They share their research findings in weekly formal and informal meetings and seminars, which foster an interdisciplinary intellectual community in each cohort. The staff of the Institute also helps fellows meet and collaborate with local researchers in their own fields and help identify existing research groups, ongoing workshops or public lectures which may be useful for their work. Research assistants, a wide array of international scholars as well as a vast library are also available.