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Jennifer Gunn Associate Professor of History of Medicine

Managing Director

Susannah Smith

Executive Office and Administrative Specialist

Karen Kinoshita


The Institute for Advanced Study seeks to ignite creative, innovative, and profound research and discovery in the sciences, humanities, and the arts. The Institute for Advanced Study is a concept, a site, and a community dedicated to public and intellectual exchanges across the fields of human endeavor. It pursues this vision through support for faculty fellowships and research collaboratives that bring together artists, scientists, and scholars from across and beyond the University. It provides physical spaces where artists, scientists, and scholars can engage in and share their work. This strategy encompasses not only scheduled events and presentations, but also unplanned encounters that facilitate unexpected inspiration, revelation, and collaboration. It convenes a biennial symposium that catalyzes conversations across the University of Minnesota and that highlights the most innovative research initiatives that exist in the United States and the world.

CHCI/ACLS Partnership

The Institute for Advanced Study is a participant in the CHCI/ACLS Partnership, which connects CHCI member organizations with recipients of the ACLS Recent Doctoral Recipients fellowship program. Visit for information on this program.