Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences
Nanjing University

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Zhou Xian Professor of Chinese and Aesthetics

Deputy Director

He Chengzhou

Department Officer

Ma Jin

Assistant Dean of IAS

Yungian Chen


The Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS) at Nanjing University was established in May 2005. IAS is a comprehensive university-level institution, whose academic activities are supervised by the Committee of Experts. Three kinds of academic positions are offered at the institute, including lecture professors, chair professors and scholars in residence. Interdisciplinary research groups are formed to carry out research of special issues concerning important social and theoretical problems.

The goal for establishing IAS is to break the blockage between disciplines and departments, integrate the academic resources of the university, encourage interdisciplinary research and improve research work. Putting forward three lecture series, i.e. Masters’ Tribune, Academic Frontier, and Scholars’ Forum, the institute invites distinguished scholars from both home and abroad to give speeches at the university. Since 2005, there have been nearly 200 lectures at the three lecture series. Four interdisciplinary programs are associated with the institute, i.e. *Environmental Studies*, *Media and Culture Studies*, *Gender Studies* and *Architecture and City Studies*. The institute has had academic exchanges with a number of prestigious universities abroad and in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The institute has become the window and platform of the internationalization of humanities and social sciences at Nanjing University.

Zhao Anzhong Chair Professors
IAS is interested in attracting high-profile, dynamic scholars from outside the university to be distinguished research fellows at the institute. Apart from providing housing, office facilities and research funding, IAS is offering a salary of no less than 100.000 RMB per year. The employment can also be flexible, and the salary can be paid according to the length of stay. Contact deputy director Prof. HE Chengzhou:

Scholars In Residence
Every academic year, IAS offers 5 positions of scholars-in-residence to young scholars from both inside and outside the university. Since 2005, there have been about 20 scholars-in-residence working at IAS.