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Glenn Wallis

Program Director

Max Finkel


Something uncommonly dynamic occurs when we explore crucial ideas with other people. Dialogue centered on texts and other cultural material becomes an impetus for self-reflection and self-understanding. Such encounters enable us to glimpse into our ideological blind spots, to see and think more clearly. This ferments an acute awareness of social reality. It is here—where the personal collides with the social—that such education catalyzes the possibility of social change.

It is toward these ends that Incite Seminars offers a series of non-credit, college-style adult education humanities seminars. The humanities is the recorded expression of human beings reflecting on being human. It includes philosophy, literature, psychoanalysis, history, language, aesthetics, the arts, and religion. A seminar involves sustained engagement with written or other material together with robust open discussion. Unlike lectures, seminars are fueled by participants. The course facilitator ignites the fire. Participants fan the flames.

At Incite Seminars we cultivate critical discernment, intellectual integrity, and moral courage. We are not content with the mere acquisition of knowledge. We are on the hunt for possibilities of transformation.