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Elizabeth Vlossak Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Humanities

Executive Assistant to the Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Dean's Office

Michèle Black


The function of the Humanities Research Institute at Brock University is to encourage the development of research programs and initiatives in the Humanities and to generate greater public awareness of our scholarly expertise, as well as the breadth of our research and creative productivity. The HRI disburses funds to support the development of individual and collaborative research programs to generate viable applications for external funding of various kinds and to promote the activities of the Faculty of Humanities through various colloquia, symposia and related public events.

Visiting scholars and artists, scholars- and artists-in-residence and post-doctoral students who are based in the Faculty of Humanities may apply for Visiting Associate status in the HRI. This status will remain in effect for the duration of the applicant’s stay at Brock University. Visiting Associates are not eligible to apply for HRI funding.