Humanities Research Centre
University of York

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Richard Ogden Professor of Linguistics

Deputy Director

Jonathan Finch


Megan Russell


The Humanities Research Centre provides leadership and support for research, impact and knowledge exchange across the world-leading faculty for the Arts and Humanities at York.

We provide a stimulating and diverse environment for interdisciplinary and external partnerships and a dedicated space for events and study.

We have a three-fold mission:

  • to support and advocate research projects with reach and impact;
  • to nurture productive and creative partnerships with academic and non-academic collaborators;
  • to inspire, train and empower the arts and humanities postgraduate cohort to be the next generation of cultural leaders.

Our work across areas is underpinned by the conviction that challenging circumscribed boundaries of knowledge through interdisciplinary and partnership working enriches our research, transforms its outcomes and opens it up to a greater range of collaborators and beneficiaries