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Arizona State University

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Ron Broglio

Associate Director

Curtis Austin

Business Operations Manager

Caden Gillespie


The Humanities Institute in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences promotes excellence and innovation in humanities scholarship through internal grants for faculty research, often leading to external support, and through colloquia, seminars, lectures, and collaborative fellowships that emphasize and promote the humanities as a site for research. Of particular interest to the Institute are projects that address compelling social and cultural challenges — past, present, or future. The HI creates a dynamic environment for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholarship and facilitates collaborations among scholars in the humanities, social sciences and sciences for the purpose of examining issues that challenge and shape individual and collective human experience across time. Major programs include:

  1. HI Fellows Program
  2. HI Competitive Seed Grant Program
  3. Research Workshops
  4. Research Initiatives
  5. Lecture Series
  6. HI Annual Distinguished Lecturer