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University of Montana

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Drawing on a rich tradition of scholarship in the humanities that reflects over a century of commitment to this goal, the Humanities Institute in the College of Humanities and Sciences at the University of Montana seeks to advance the scholarly work of faculty and students who desire to explore, illuminate and expand human understanding. The Institute’s activities encompass traditional humanities disciplines including history, languages, literature, philosophy, and religious studies, as well as critical studies of the arts and models of inquiry that cross disciplinary boundaries and develop new research methods and approaches.

The Humanities Institute supports individual and collaborative scholarship that takes place throughout the University of Montana, and welcomes initiatives and approaches that bridge traditional humanities fields with the visual and performing arts, with journalism and political science, and with the natural sciences, and that generate public discussion about the importance of the humanities in the contemporary world. Led by faculty, the Institute is structured to bring new research opportunities to faculty and student, to promote humanities scholarship, to engage scholars in different disciplines and from other institutions, and to provide venues for public awareness and discussion about the humanities in the state of Montana.