Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities
Bard College

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Founder & Academic Director

Roger Berkowitz Associate Professor Politics, Philosophy, and Human Rights

Executive Director

Christine Gonzalez Stanton

Director of Academic Programs

Jana Schmidt

Research Director

Thomas Wild


The Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities cares for and makes available the Hannah Arendt Library, which houses nearly 5,000 books from Arendt’s personal library, many with marginalia and notes. The Center oversees a variety of programs—the Courage to Be, Campus Plurality Forum, Race and Revolution, and the Virtual Reading Group, among others—that combine courses, lectures, workshops, and symposia to bring Arendt’s fearless style of thinking to a broad audience. The Center hosts lectures and special events on Hannah Arendt and relevant topics, all leading up to the annual fall conference, where philosophers, thinkers, and activists come together at Bard College's Annandale campus to discuss contemporary issues. 

The Hannah Arendt Center hosts post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, senior fellows, and doctoral fellows who together form a vibrant and engaged intellectual community at Bard College. Hannah Arendt Center produces several publications including; a weekly newsletter, Amor Mundi, the HA Journal, and the HAC podcast. 

In 2020, the Hannah Arendt Center launched the Hannah Arendt Humanities Network (HAHN). The Hannah Arendt Humanities Network (HAHN) unites the institutions affiliated with the Open Society University Network (OSUN) to nurture a culture that values and strengthens the humanities as the foundation of an open society. In the first year, we hosted the Yehuda Elkana Fellowship, Network Faculty Seminars, Karl Popper Text Seminar, Artificial Intelligence Working Groups, Bi-Annual Humanities Writing Retreats, and the Bard High School Early College Network Course.