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Shahd Alshammari Associate Professor

Research Engineer

Mohammed M. Al-Haddad
Martin Rosenstock


The Global Studies Center at the Gulf University for Science and Technology conceives of itself as a leading research center on global studies. The center aims to conduct and support cutting-edge research on cross-national political, economic, social, cultural, historical, and environmental issues of critical importance and to share research output and information regionally and globally. Tangential relationships of the research with the region of the Arabian Gulf are desired but not required. The GSC seeks to foster public understanding of global issues and aid in the policy-making processes in various states.

The GSC regularly hosts visiting scholars. We can serve as a local affiliate for fellowships and grants. We also offer shared office space, library and campus access, networking assistance, etc. In return, we request that the visiting scholar help serve on the Center’s committee (arranging talks, events, grant applications, etc.) and give a research talk. For more information, please contact Shahd Alshammari and/or Martin Rosenstock