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Dean Allbritton Associate Professor of Spanish

Associate Director

Megan Fossa

Program Coordinator

Portia Hardy


The Center celebrates the pivotal role of the arts and humanities in the intellectual life of the College and the community, and promotes the long-term benefits of the skills developed through humanistic research.

Students are at the heart of everything the center does; they suggest, shape, and profit from programming, enhanced classes, and close interaction with faculty.

Major programs include:

Annual Humanities Theme: A campus-wide initiative that fosters interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration by exploring a particular topic through exhibits, speakers, performances, and course work.

Humanities Labs: Experiential learning through hands-on observation, experimentation, and skill-building practices.

Environmental Humanities: Applying humanistic approaches to environmental issues through a faculty seminar, summer institute, distinguished fellows, and student engagement through EH labs and research assistantships.

Humanities Colloquium Series: Bringing a variety of inspirational speakers and stimulating programming to campus.

Student Research Grants: Funding for Colby students majoring in the humanities or humanistic disciplines to facilitate original research projects related to their majors.

Student Internships: Funding to place Colby students at cultural institutions in Waterville and the surrounding area. These internships offer wonderful opportunities for Colby students to gain professional experience, perform applied research, and embrace their local community in meaningful ways.