Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios en Filosofía, Artes y Humanidades
Universidad De Chile

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Pablo Oyarzún Professor, Department of Theory of Arts and Department of Philosophy

Associate Director

Miguel Ruiz Stull

Office Administrator

Marlene Miranda


The Interdisciplinary Center of Studies in Philosophy, Arts, and Humanities (Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios en Filosofía, Artes y Humanidades, CIEFAH) is devoted to the development and promotion of high-level transdisciplinary studies and research on contemporary cultural, social, and political issues and challenges. Philosophy is the nucleus of the Center’s intellectual orientation. Humanities constitute the preferential area of its inter and transdisciplinary interests. Artistic processes, objects, and phenomena are the model of a universe of singularities with respect to which philosophy’s categorical calling is put to the test, in dialogue with other disciplines. Through its lines of study and research, the Center seeks a broad international exchange, paying special attention to the problems of Latin American society and culture, as well as to the opportunities of articulating intellectual and cultural dialogue in the Global South.