Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship
University of Pretoria

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James Ogude Professor of African Literature

Management Assistant

Ayanda Sihlahla

Administrative Assistant

Cecilia Sampson


The Centre creates an environment in which multidisciplinary scholarship can flourish through providing a home for selected international scholars to engage with the University community for short periods of time; to retain senior scholars so that they can continue with their research activities and mentor postgraduate students and young academic staff. The central purpose of the Centre is to provide a locus for debating new ideas in an environment in which there can be an interaction between senior scholars, eminent visiting scholars, postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The Centre provides the required intellectual home for both senior scholars and postgraduate students primarily from the Humanities and Social Sciences to engage in scholarly debates across disciplines. The Centre will on the one hand meet the needs of the postgraduate students in the broadly defined Humanities disciplines who generally work in an isolated manner and on the other hand, attempt to entice postgraduate students in the natural sciences to venture out of their research groups to engage in wider intellectual dialogue.