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University of Colorado Boulder

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Jennifer Ho Professor, Ethnic Studies

Program Manager

Mariana Pereira Vieira

Events and Communication Coordinator

Diamond Darling


The Center for Humanities and the Arts (CHA) creates convergences with multiple audiences for scholarly collaborations, artistic inspiration, and community building, all while fostering an environment of equity and inclusion that strengthens and enhances academic excellence.

The CHA supports its mission by serving all faculty and students in the arts and humanities. In addition to bringing together academics and students across disciplines, the Center is also an interface between the community and the university.

At the core of CHA’s activities is an annual fellowship competition for faculty working in the Humanities and Arts. By granting successful applicants a semester off from teaching, CHA contributes to the innovation of scholarship and the rejuvenation of teaching. In addition, various committees in the Center award grants to faculty for research trips and invited speakers, as well as grants and fellowships for graduate students. CHA funds collaborative faculty initiatives across departments and organizes symposia, workshops and visits from prominent intellectuals and artists to stimulate new research.

All of CHA's events are free and open to the public. The center hosts special events for undergraduate students and for our friends in the community. Through its programs, CHA works to encourage interdepartmental and cross-campus dialogue, to raise the profile of the arts and humanities in Boulder, and to build support for scholarship and creative activity.