Center for Global Humanities
University of New England

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Anouar Majid

Assistant to Director

Elizabeth Bennett


The Center for Global Humanities at the University of New England is a University-wide, interdisciplinary program dedicated to the study of human destiny in the 21st century. Because economic globalization, significant demographic and environmental shifts, the persistence of religion, new discoveries in science and medicine, the rise of cyberspace and the overlapping of traditional academic disciplines are changing our understanding of human nature and raising burning questions about the future of our civilization, the Center, by promoting the study of cultures and identities through the methods and theories of disciplines in the broadly defined field of the humanities, contributes new insights into the human condition that are as critical to our well being and the future of our societies as are the findings in various scientific and medical programs. Global in perspective and connected to similar national and international programs, CGH offers symposia and seminars by UNE and non-UNE faculty doing innovative scholarship in interdisciplinary work with a humanities focus. Various study-abroad experiences enhance our regular program. Because the Center believes in the vital necessity of a humanities culture to civic and democratic life, it works closely with the local community to encourage reading, discussion, and debate.