Birmingham Research Institute for History and Cultures
University of Birmingham

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Lucie Ryzova

Research Development Officer

Elizabeth Cook


BRIHC is the umbrella research institute of the School of History and Cultures. It promotes and facilitates research across the school, both through the support of research initiatives and through the organisation of events that foster cross-disciplinary conversations. BRIHC has three major roles: • It is an enabler, facilitating and encouraging interdisciplinary and collaborative research across (and beyond) the School through the enhancement of on-going and future research projects. • It promotes connectivity, collaboration and interdisciplinarity across the School, the College, the University and beyond; and • It develops, enables and facilitates strategic research priorities of the research centres and the School. As an umbrella organisation, BRIHC initiates autonomous projects that contribute directly to interdisciplinary cross-School (and beyond) collaborative research, but its key role is to support and nurture the world-leading research of the School research centres.

BRIHC offers annual, two-year long postdoctoral fellowships. Postdoctoral fellows are expected two undertake substantial research of their own as well as support the activities of BRIHC.