Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (Europe 1100-1800)
The University of Western Australia

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Andrew Lynch Professor of English and Cultural Studies

Deputy Director

Jane Davidson

Centre Manager

Tanya Tuffrey


Established in 2011, The ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (CHE) has its headquarters at The University of Western Australia, with nodes across the country at the Universities of Adelaide, Melbourne, Queensland and Sydney. The Centre has developed an extensive range of collaborative links to international institutions in Continental Europe, the UK and North America and has established partnerships with such arts industries and community groups as the National Gallery of Victoria, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Musica Viva, the Zest Festival, The Dax Centre, West Australian Opera, and Victorian Opera. Besides the research projects of its Chief Investigators, CHE hosts numerous Postdoctoral Fellows and postgraduate students across its four research Programs, and welcomes many international visitors as collaborators each year through the Distinguished International Visitor and Early Career International Research Visitor schemes. The Centre also maintains a nation-wide program of performance, community outreach and education events.

Emotions shape our individual, community, and national identities, and an overarching aim of the Centre is to use historical knowledge to improve our contextual understanding of the emotional behaviour and health of modern Australians. We recover the history of emotions from Europe 1100-1800, and share it with the wider Australian public to enrich our personal lives, revitalize our culture, and empower us to make good political and social decisions for our future. Australians today show strong emotional attachment to their land, cultural heritage, and history. Our long-term European heritage remains one of our strongest cultural influences, shaping the world we live in today.

The Centre works to: - create and foster links between a team of pre-eminent Australian humanities researchers, a network of international experts and institutions, and a set of industry partners (performing arts institutions, art galleries, media); and - develop innovative procedures and work spaces for inter-relating different research methods (e.g. cultural historiography, literary analysis, visual arts interpretations, and performance practice research), and to maximize fruitful synergies between different disciplines and methodologies.

Our locations Our Centre is a national entity with a host site at The University of Western Australia, and nodes at the Universities of Adelaide, Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney.

We have partners worldwide: - Queen Mary College, University of London (UK) - Université de Fribourg (Switzerland) - Freie Universität (Germany) - Newcastle University (UK) - University of Umeå (Sweden) - The University of Western Ontario (Canada) - Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada) - Durham University (UK) - University of Southampton (UK)