In this episode, Craig Eley talks with Jean Allman, director of the Center for the Humanities at Washington University in St. Louis, about the "Life/Lines" project.

Back in April, Jean wanted to add to the humanities conversations she was seeing in her feeds. So she launched “Life/Lines,” a project that gave participants a daily poetry prompt: 5 keywords that must be used, and 7 or 8 lines to use them. The response was remarkable—undergrads to professors emeritus, lifelong poets and those just starting out, people inside the university and well beyond it.

Special thanks to Jean Allman, the J.H. Hexter Professor in the Humanities and director of the Humanities Center at Washington University in St. Louis. Thanks also to this episode’s poets: Mark Alford, Jeannette Cooperman, Gwyneth Henke, Robert Henke, and Jey Sushil. The show was produced by Craig Eley with help from Jade Isiri-Ramos.