The 1996 CHCI conference, “Networking the Humanities,” was organized by the Institute for the Humanities at the Univ. of Illinois at Chicago. Directors’ and public sessions addressed issues such as establishing global connections between humanities centers and institutes; creating partnerships with the public and private sector; emerging global perspectives in the humanities, arts, and cultural studies; emerging technologies and the research in the humanities and arts; and creating virtual collections and communities. Presenters were Iain McCalman, Steven Connor, Eileen Mackevich, Ella Shohat, Dina Iordanova, Randolph Starn, Mark Olsen, Wendy Plotkin, Jerome McGann, Janet Smarr, Panivong Norindr, Whitney Davis, Peter Copek, Andrew Wernick, Gabriele Scwhab, Douglas Bennett, Martin Mueller, Robert Bruegmann and Peter Bacon Hales.