2017 Membership Changes

CHCI's membership dues have been unchanged since at least 2007. During this period, CHCI has become a truly international organization that represents humanities centers and institutes, while also generating and actively supporting new areas of research in the humanities.  At its most recent meeting, the CHCI International Advisory Board approved new membership fees, beginning at $200.

The new fees are part of a tiered membership structure that responds to both the increasing number of activities that CHCI currently supports (including collaborative research at a global scale, summer institutes, member networks, and a robust new web platform currently under development), and CHCI's ongoing commitment to internationalization and the global humanities. Our international membership already has grown 25% since 2007, and going forward we want to encourage the participation of Centers and Institutes from regions that are still under-represented.

Recognizing the very different economic contexts of institutions across those regions—and in the world in general — the Board designed a tiered structure to allow for increased dues while also addressing the misfit between the organization’s global project and the challenges that a one-size-fits-all approach to membership fees poses to institutional members and potential members in Africa, India, Southern and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Beginning with the current renewal cycle, there will be three tiers of institutional membership ($200 - $500 - $800) based on each member’s budget:

Center/Institute Annual Budget Membership Tier Membership Dues
< $50,000 1 $200
$50,000 - $250,000 2 $500
> $250,000 3 $800

Because there are so many different types of centers and institutes, and as many types of budgets, CHCI will leave it to its members to self-define to what tier they belong. 
In early November, we will share a brief online questionnaire asking our members to identify the membership tier to which they will belong starting in 2017.  As this change also takes place in the context of a redesign of the CHCI website intended to better serve and represent our members, we also will request information about your centers and institutes that will allow us to showcase your work, including local programs and fellowships and your participation in CHCI initiatives.

We appreciate your membership and look forward to learning more about the work and initiatives you support.