2017 Forum on Contemporary Theory Summer Theory / Praxis Course

The Forum on Contemporary Theory has been conducting an intensive Theory/Praxis Course annually since 2003 for the benefit of scholars across disciplines interested in new developments in Theory and their application. The course includes intensive textual readings in specific areas, supported by seminars and talks on broader but related issues. This Course will be held in Hyderabad in collaboration with The English and Foreign Languages University during 3 July - 29 July 2017.

The Course is organized around two topics to be discussed in-depth by the core faculty, supported by public lectures and mini-seminars by the invited scholars. This year, the two topics are The Baroque and Early Modern Cultural Change, taught by Roland Greene, and Exilic Writing, Cosmopolitanism, and the Making of World Literature, taught by Galin Tihanov. More information on the courses and the instructors can be found in this PDF.

Organizational Details

Study material will be made available to the participants after their registration; the participants are expected to have gone through the material before the commencement of the Course. Participation in the Course is mainly open to scholars in the humanities and social sciences, preferably those working toward research degree, but post-graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in these disciplines and scholars from the disciplines outside the humanities and social sciences interested in interdisciplinary studies can also apply. A 1000-word essay on why you need to take this Course should be submitted along with the application. Maximum number of participants to be selected is 20. The participants are required to attend all the sessions and to stay until the end of the program in order to receive the certificate of participation.

Registration Fee

Each participant is required to pay a registration fee of Rs. 20,000/ (Rupees twenty thousand) to the Forum on Contemporary Theory through a bank draft drawn on a bank in Baroda. The registration fee is non-refundable. The fee will take care of his/ her board and lodging, course fee and other related expenses. The participants will not be paid by the organizers for their travel.

Deadline for Application

The last date for receiving application for participation is 15 March, 2017. The application may be sent to Director, Centre for Contemporary Theory, Baroda with copies to the two Coordinators. Selection for participation will be made by 25 March, 2017. Selected candidates are required to send the bank draft favoring Forum on Contemporary Theory before 15 April, 2017. Course material will be mailed only after receiving the registration fee.

Address for Correspondence

  1. Prafulla C. Kar: prafullakar@gmail.com
  2. Anand Mahanand amahanand991@gmail.com
  3. Jibu Mathew George jibugeorge@efluniversity.ac.in