14th Theory/Praxis Summer Course at Forum on Contemporary Theory (India)

Forum on Contemporary Theory
Hyderabad, India
Deadline: March 10, 2016

The Forum on Contemporary Theory will be holding its Theory/Praxis course from 6 June to 2 July 2016. This 4-week summer program will be taught by two core faculty members: Akeel Bilgrami from Columbia University and Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht from Stanford University. Bilgrami’s course is titled “Religion, Politics, and Value.” This is a lecture course in which a broad argument on both secularization and secularism will be presented in 10 lectures. The course will explore the main issues that arise in modernity due to the transformation wrought first by the new scientific outlook, then by the shaping of liberalism as a political philosophy and capitalism as a new form of political economy, especially as these affect our relations to nature, to each other, and to our understanding of the nature of value. Themes that will be discussed are: formation of the idea of the secular, the concept of identity, alienation, multiculturalism, liberty, equality, false consciousness, nationalism, rationality, and historical necessity. Gumbrecht’s course “Towards a Philosophy of ‘Presence’: Genealogical and Epistemological Aspects” will deal with the “presence” approach to philosophy and culture, without establishing itself in a hostile or overly polemical relationship vis-à-vis the hermeneutic tradition as the classical basis of the Humanities and Arts. In recent years the presence approach has been engaged in a reflection about historically changing “social construction of temporality” (“chronotopes”) as the condition for elementary changes in the human relationship to the world, such as the emergence of the Western “Subject” in early Modernity, the emergence of the so-called “historical worldview” around 1800 and, since the mid-twentieth century, a new relationship to past, future, and present for which we are still lacking a good name (a placeholder name is our Broad Present).  

Deadline for application is March 10, 2016.

For details, please visit website: http://www.fctworld.org/14th%20Theory_Praxis%20Course.htm