IDEAS is a new platform for CHCI, reflecting the current state of the Consortium. Sara Guyer explains how CHCI always has been devoted to ideas—new and old, familiar and strange—opening a rare space in which experimentation in institutional forms and forms of knowledge overlaps.

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Who Needs Cultural Research?

In this 2001 CHCI Working Paper, Ien Ang asks if “cultural studies” is living up to its promise as an intellectual practice firmly located in and concerned with the major issues of the day, and as such if it is providing a bridge between the academic world and the social world “out there.”

Public Humanities

Going Downtown: The Necessity and Hazards of Telling the Public about Humanities Research

In this 2001 CHCI Working Paper, J. Paul Hunter argues that addressing the problem of public perception for arts and humanities research involves setting aside the direct goals of funding in favor of the less visible ones of social value and cultural support.