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Humanities for the Environment Website Continues to Grow

CHCI’s Humanities for the Environment group recently launched its first major project, a website devoted to exchanging information, news, and media material related to the interface between humanities scholarship and environmental concerns. The site can be viewed at

Founded at CHCI’s 2008 Annual Meeting, the CHCI Initiative Humanities for the Environment was our first member-driven group. H4E serves as a network and resource for centers to develop (or extend) programming, research and dialogue related to contemporary environmental challenges. Many of our CHCI centers have done substantial work in these and related areas already; humanists and artists have long engaged issues related to sustainability, climate change, and the human/environment relationship as a whole.

The webpage brings together tCHCI centers which have expressed an interest in a collective effort in this area. You may explore relevant programming and websites of member centers through the links here. We hope this affinity group will also serve as an opportunity for further exploration of the role the humanities can and should play in these crucial areas of human concern.

The group welcomes engagement in a dialogue about the contributions that the Humanities can make to furthering our understanding of our relationship to the environment as we explore ideas and creative solutions to the environmental challenges our world currently faces. Research at the intersection of the humanities and environmental studies is proving particularly fruitful in investigating the paradigms that dictate our interaction with the environment. Our investigations aim to explore the following areas

View the new project here, and be in touch with our webmaster if you have any thoughts on content or if you would like to make any suggestions for projects to cover.