HfE Participant to Speak at White House

May 5, 2014 - Sarah Buie of Clark University, one of the project leaders for CHCI's Mellon-funded collaboration Humanities for the Environment, let us know this morning that one of her project team members will participate in an event at the White House tomorrow.  You are encouraged to tune in on Tuesday afternoon May 6 at 2 pm to the presentation of the National Climate Assessment at the White House. Susi Moser, Clark Geography PhD and member of the Council on the Uncertain Human Future based at the Higgins School of Humanities, will be presenting as part of the team responsible for the report. She was invited as one of the convening lead authors for the Coastal chapter of the report to help introduce the report.

The event is scheduled to take place 2-4pm EST and be live-streamed here:


According to Buie, "This report promises to be an important turning point in the process of building national awareness of where we stand with climate change, following on the recent release of of the IPCC report. This assessment will have implications for all of us, and for our work as educators. Hopefully it will inspire more focused efforts on the part of the Obama administration to address this urgent situation."