CHCI Calls Networks to Propose Projects

At the 2013 CHCI Annual Meeting in Lawrence, CHCI President Ian Baucom made the following announcement about member networks and initiatives:

"Moving forward, we're going to reidentify the initiatives as networks.  They will continue to meet, and we will facilitate their meeting as long as they remain vibrant.  For those that had funding of $5,000 per year, we will honor that commitment for the term promised.  We will offer the possibility of $20,000 funding for projects proposed by these networks, and we can imagine accommodating up to four networks."

Following up on that announcement, we have posted guidelines for proposals on the CHCI website here.  We hope that CHCI members will generate some ideas for discussion among yourselves that you might develop further when you meet at the Annual Meeting in Hong Kong in June.  Final deadline for proposals is October 5, 2014.