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Affiliate Consortia and Links

Asian New Humanities Network (ANHN)
Established in 2004, Asian New Humanities Net serves as a regional network for the sharing of resources of humanities in Asia with the purpose of enhancing excellence in the humanities through the promotion of cooperation among Asian universities and research institutes. ANHN has successfully held eight meetings.

Visit the ANHN website here.

Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)
The Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC) is a network for groups engaged in Humanities-based research. Our aim is to connect Humanities researchers and centres, both within the Australasian region and internationally, and to promote relationships with cultural institutions and sector representative bodies in the wider community. We provide a virtual and physical hub for information about research opportunities and events, and seek to strengthen the public profile of research in the Humanities.

Visit the ACHRC website here.

centerNet is an international network of digital humanities centers formed for cooperative and collaborative action that will benefit digital humanities and allied fields in general, and centers as humanities cyberinfrastructure in particular.

Visit the centerNet website here.

Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Studies
The Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Studies currently comprises 22 research institutes (full list of members) based within universities in Great Britain and Ireland. It is affiliated to the international Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes. CIAS and its member institutes take an active role in promoting multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research at doctoral level and beyond, and offer an organisational structure and programme to foster these aims. Members are committed to enhancing public understanding of academic activity.

Visit their website here.

European Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centres
The European Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centres (ECHIC) will pursue a threefold purpose:

  • To speak up on behalf of members in dialogues with ESF, EU and other funding and policy-making bodies to canvass the need for humanities research; to be able to speak on behalf of the humanities and develop a language for the (position of) humanities institutes in European universities today.
  • To organize an annual humanities conference at a member institution, which would involve all the main partners, including funding and policy-making bodies at the European and the national levels.
  • To establish a network across the EU to lobby for the humanities in Europe today; to prepare collaborative projects and activities and set up an effective networking system with other international networks in the humanities, such as CHCI and others.

Visit the ECHIC website here.

Fondation RFIEA
The Network of French Institutes for Advanced Study (RFIEA) was established in March 2007 as one of the thirteen Thematic Networks for Advanced Study (RTRA) created by the Research Act of April 2006 This thematic network is unique in the area of the humanities and social sciences. In a context in which research is undergoing profound change, France has taken the decision to set up Institutes for Advanced Study (IAS)—institutions that have proved themselves in Europe and abroad—and has opted to link up the four newly created institutes located in several French major cities in a network: the Collegium de Lyon, the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Research of Marseille, the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study and the Institute for Advanced Study, Paris.

The RFIEA was established by law in the form of a foundation for scientific co-operation officially recognized as serving the public interest. The Foundation received a patrimonial grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research amounting to €13.5 million, to which is added the contributions of its five founding institutions. The Board of Trustees of the RFIEA brings together some of the most important actors in the humanities and social sciences in France: the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the École normale supérieure Lettres et sciences humaines (ENS LSH), the School for Advanced Social Science Study (EHESS), the École
normale supérieure (ENS), the Foundation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH), and the universities and research centres in the Rhône-Alpes and Aix-Marseille regions and in Nantes. Through its four constituent institutes, the RFIEA brings together eight universities, 12 large advanced teaching and research institutions and 57 research units linked to the IAS.

Visit the Fondation RFIEA website here.

Mediterranean Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centres (HUMED)
The objective is to create a Mediterranean Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centers (HUMED) through which to foster a series of short-term activities, including:

  • Creation of a network for the circulation of information and the sharing of resources within the
    Mediterranean Humanities
  • To coordinate collaborative activities among the HUMED members
  • To lobby on behalf of the Mediterranean Humanities in dialogues with the entities such as the
    European Union, European Science Foundation, Alliance of Civilizations, Union of the Mediterranean (Barcelona Process)
  • To increase awareness of best in Digital Humanities among Mediterranean researchers
  • To look for funds in order to organize courses, workshops and seminars on Digital Humanities and
    other activities
  • To organize an annual international conference dedicated to the Humanities in the Mediterranean region

HUMED organized an inaugural symposium in Granada, Spain, in September 2011. Visit the HUMED website here.


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